Mod apk download – Mod Apk 精靈樂章-這樣的夥伴沒問題嗎  5.1.602 [Unlimited money] free for Android

Mod apk download – Mod Apk 精靈樂章-這樣的夥伴沒問題嗎 5.1.602 [Unlimited money] free for Android

App Information of 精靈樂章-這樣的夥伴沒問題嗎

App Name 精靈樂章-這樣的夥伴沒問題嗎 v
Genre Games, Role Playing
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Description of 精靈樂章-這樣的夥伴沒問題嗎 Mod apk download - Clash of Clans Mod Apk %app_version% [Unlimited money] free for Android.






The sequel to the classic mobile game “Elves Online”, a 3D adventure MMORPG full of love and friendship. The unique and cute “elf” pets and full of jokes in the plot, embark on a relaxing and stressful laughter journey in a fantasy world full of fairy tales!

[Fantasy world, enjoy exploring]
Stepping into the mysterious and magical continent of Sefael, you can see the vast beauty of mountains, plains, rivers or lakes and marshes everywhere, and adventure is no longer boring. You will travel everywhere as an elf messenger, and at the same time lead the elves to fight against alien civilizations, explore and create the most special adventure memories with your friends!

[Q cute wizard, personal guard]
Elves are magical creatures unique to the continent of Sefael. They always affectionately call the elf messenger the “master”, centering on the master in everything, and accompanying him all the time. Q’s cute appearance hides different personalities such as funny, tsundere, and Lotte, which makes people love it. Come and develop your exclusive cute thing!

[Strategic team, extreme operation]
Form a super elven expedition team, equip the guardian elves with different memory cards, and cast a variety of secret skills to defeat your opponents! Thousands of strategies for a monster king, multiple skill characteristics such as strong damage output, guarding the master’s defense recovery, and providing a variety of enhanced auxiliary battles to help you reverse the situation.

[Dream island, individual life]
Become the master of an island, the operation and decoration are up to you! Full 3D island landscaping. Hundreds of furniture are made through the studio, and you can design your own personalized island. You can also send elves to run errands, collect or make equipment. All powerful equipment or gorgeous fashions are all made by yourself.

[Various dressing, one volume collection]
In the world of Sephir, there are many stories that adventurers talk about. Through battles, missions, books, elven islands and other systems, filling up the records of the collection book step by step will bring the characters to continuous growth, and at the same time Obtain more than one hundred appearances!
經典端遊《精靈樂章》全新 MMORPG 續作已經上線!

1. 新增「卡牌解放」功能
2. 新增「懸賞任務」系統
3. 新增「巔峰商店」系統
4. 新增「小島金錢樹」系統
5. 調整 區域首領機制及新增MVP額外獎勵
6. 優化 部分介面顯示及相關功能
7. 優化 戰場配對機制
8. 優化 遊戲穩定度

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